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Furmaniuk's in the 1920's

From the 1920 Census of the United States, Town of Sterling, Massachusetts.

In a single household:
NameRelationship to headAge NotesDate of Immigration
Carl FurmanukHead311908
Effie FurmanukWife331904
Mike FurmanukSon10
Carl FurmanukNephew6
George FurmanukUncle431912 (?)

NB: Karol Furmaniuk was listed as "Carl" (both Carl and Karol are variants of Charles) and Wojiech had become known as "George" (though Adalbert is the correct corresponding Saint).

All had learned to speak and write English (Effie is listed as reading but not writing), though none are listed as naturalized. George is listed as working in a chair shop.

Note that Josef is no longer in Sterling and is instead found in Chelsea, Massachusetts, with a son named after "George" Wojiech Furmaniuk.

1920, City of Chelsea

At 169 Second Street
NameRelationship to headAge NotesDate of Immigration
Joe FurmanukHead321904 (picker in rag shop)
Pietta FurmanukWife241911
Joe Jr. FurmanukSon2
George FurmanukSon1

From the 1920 census

"Cassimer Ostopchuk" was living as a boarder at 19 Avenue A, New York, NY Manhattan (1920 Census Vol 237, ED 593, Sheet 1, Line 24). Described as 40 years old, a dish washer. Living with John Chevchuk's family, consisting of:

  • John (50) and Mary (40), Austrian polish
  • Alex, 20
  • Helen, 11
  • William, 9
  • Mike, 7
  • Pete, 5
  • Josie, 2
  • Sophie, 10/12

John Immigrated in 1908

The rest were not born in the USA. "Cassimer" is listed as having entered the US for the first time in 1910.

He is the father of Michelina Ostapczuk, our grandmother.

Soundex gives me a Thomas Formunick, 28 yrs old b. Poland at 66 Prentiss St., Boston, married to Theresa (age 25), with Children Helen (4), Agnes (2.5), Olga (11 mos). Our Aunt tells the story that our grandmother would write Christmas cards to a "Tommy" in Boston, leading me to believe its him. I confirmed based on his naturalization petition that this Tommy Furmanuk was from Zbaraz.

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