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Who are the current Furmaniuk's?

And what are they doing here?

The Maintainer of these pages....


Who is this guy?

Well let's just say that I am the one doing all these pages, and while I am not doing as much digging into the dusty records of the family ledgers, I have done my share. I'm the one responsible for keeping these pages up to date and making them amusing/interesting - so all complaints about the content should be directed to me.

If you look for me on the family tree look for the Michael Furmaniuk.

You can find out more about Me here.

The Keeper of History

This is the guy doing the dusty digging into the family ledgers and for other such scraps of information as may come his way. He's trying to get the Furmaniuk line back before 1870 (when Piotr Furmaniuk and Apolonia Dabek had Wojiech Furmaniuk, the immigrant great-grandfather of everyone on this page). Finding records of Furmaniuks in the 1700s has whetted his appetite to knit them all together. While researching the Furmaniuk family he uncovered his wife's line going back several hundred years.

Keeper of the Family History
Second Musketeer

The Second Musketeer

...and I don't mean the Disney version. To the right is Ron in front of his favorite store, Ben's Smoked Meats. You can also check out Ron in Chicago. Ron in front of one of his favorite ballpark's. Where he also saw this famous George. Also you can take a a look at Ron with the trophy of his dreams.

We also cannot forget Mary who has been there for us, and keeps maintaining the Refugee Room.

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