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Who is this Michael guy??

The Real Me? Is this me? Or is this me?

So you are probably wondering who this guy is....well let me give you some statistics:

  1. Height: about 6 feet and 1 inch
  2. Weight: Hovering somewhere around 200 pounds these days...
  3. Hair: Blonde (lighter in the summer)
  4. Eyes: 2 (1 left, 1 right - sort of like a matched set of blue eyes)
  5. Glasses: Yes, what can I say? Too many long hours at the monitor perhaps...
  6. Profession: Quality Assurance Engineer, basically I test software, yes very exciting I know
  7. Interests: animation (of all kinds), reading (historical fiction, mysteries, religious history, world history, folktales), doing web stuff, Japanese music (Shena Ringo, Puffy (aka PuffyAmiYumi), fra-foa, Koda Kumi, and some others), Alternative - if there is such a thing anymore - music (like Suede, Jesus and Mary Chain [early years], Punk, Garbage, Rammstein, et. al.), Chinese Music (Yuki Hsu, FiR, Valen Hsu, Zhang Hui Mei, Sun Yan Zi), computer/video games.
  8. Doesn't like pictures (you can tell I look bad in most of them), but puts up with them sometimes.

If you look for me on the family tree look for the Michael Furmaniuk.

I've also been busy keeping an eye on what is going here.

Well what else have I been up to?

Married to my darling and understand wife Stephanie.
This was taken during the family dinner in Natick where the families met for the first time at a Japanese buffet, I'd tell you where but it wasn't really that great.
Stephanie is the love of my life, and we were joined by Patrick Furmaniuk Lin on June 18, 2005!

..and here is my little bundle of joy!

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