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The New York Arrivals - 1903

Josef Furmaniuk of Zbaraz arrived in New York City on December 25, 1903, on board the ship Neckar, out of Bremen, Germany. He was 18 years old. Papers show he was headed for Worcester, Massachusetts where a friend (believe the name is "Gargulansky" but the page is hard to read) he was traveling with had relatives. He had $6 in his possession.

Shortly thereafter he was joined by his brother Karol Furmaniuk on the Graf Waldersee. Departing Hamburg March 16 and arriving March 31, 1907 in New York. From the passenger list he was an 18 year old farm laborer from Zbaraz, Austria, he seemed to be travelling with a friend. He had $10 with him. Listing "BARACZUK" as a residence

Both Karol and Josef listed their father as Michael Furmaniuk.

The New York Arrivals - 1909

Coming in 1909 was Wojiech Furmaniuk, who is probably a cousin to the above.

They can't be brothers because we have documentation that Wojiech's father was Piotr Furmaniuk and his mother Apolonia Dabek.

Wojiech arrived on the Kaiser Wilhelm II, Departing from Bremen, Nov 9, 1909 and arriving in NYC on Nov 16, 1909. He is listed as 30 years old, a farm laborer, 5'3", grey eyed, blond. Lists wife as "Marya Furmaniak, Zbaraz"

Wojiech was travelling with a cousin (?) Tomasz Furmaniak, 17 yrs old, and a single farm laborer. Lists father as Franz Furmaniak

Census Data

The 1910 Census of the United States shows them all in Sterling, Massachusetts:
1910, Town of Sterling - In a single household:
Name Relationship to head Age Notes Date of Immigration
Joseph Furmanick Head 27, Married 2 years 1907
Mary Furmanick Wife 25, Married 2 years 1907
Karl Furmanick Brother 18, Married 1 year 1908
Effie Furmanick In-law 19, Married 1 year 1908
Michael Furmanick Nephew 4 mos. 1909
John Furmanick Brother 23 1909
Wojciech Furmanick Brother 25 1909
Thomas Furmanick Brother 31 1909

They all gave Austria, Poland as places of birth and Polish as a primary language, except for Joseph and Mary who listed that they could speak English.


  1. Wojciech can't be Joseph's brother - they have different parents.
  2. Michael was born in the US - there is a birth certificate for him in 1909.
  3. The ages are wrong.
  4. The arrival dates are mainly wrong.

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