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Furmaniuks in the 1700's

This is all sorts of links and other things that we found out about the family whereabouts, and everything else that we didn't know where to put it.

  • Wojiech Furmaniuk (great-grandfather of the author of this site).
  • The name Furmaniuk is an occupation name meaning "coach driver." You can find this in any Polish dictionary. The -IUK ending indicates a Ukrainian root, but as with all origins in the part of Eastern Europe, it is complicated by history. The region we've traced the name to, Zbaraz, outside of Ternopil is currently in the Ukraine, and near the village of Bazarzynce. Prior to the Second World War it was in Poland. Prior to the First World War it was in the province of Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Galicia used to be here on the maps of Europe prior to World War I.

Furmaniuk's from "1749 - the Present"

October 1732

Ref to a Dombeck




February 1749 -- p. 124 (89)

....benedictum et matrimonium contraitum inter Constantinum Ostapczuk viduum et Helenam Nawrocka virgnem de oppido Zbaraz. Aftubu Actui hus Elia Baranowski et Paulo Ozymczuck de Eadem villa.



Married: Constantinum Ostapczuk, single man, and Helenam Nawrocka, virgin (ahem - more literally, single woman) of (the other side of?) Zbaraz (could be a river - maybe the "tracks"? And Elia Baranowski and Paulo Ozymczuck of the villageof Eadem are maid of honor and best man (witnesses).

January, 1758 "Libri Baptisatorum" p. 11

Ibid ut Supp Per H:etomdum Proudri Valertinu Arezasoflei Com loci Baptt: est Irff. Rre Regina Agnes ruper rata Pr. Legit LL Simonis et Regina Furmaniukow, lev: es: Stell laurer tro Augustyriuk et Hedvige Furmaniczka de Tarasowka



Ibid ut Supp Per H:etomdum Proudri Valertinu Arezasoflei "here is (the priest?)

Com loci Baptt: est Irff.

[loosely] came to this place to baptize the infant

Rre Regina Agnes ruper rata Pr. Legit LL Simonis et Regina Furmaniukow, lev: es: Stell laurer tro Augustyriuk et Hedvige Furmaniczka de Tarasowka

[Looks like] Regina Agnes is the legitimate daughter of her father Simonis and mother Regina Furmaniukow. And that Augustyriuk and Hedvidge Furmaniczka from Tarasowka are godparents(?) Could be grandparents, but I think it's godparents.

June, 1760 (page 170)

F. Cund. at vagerra gend. Matr: Contr. interpsones lab: Petrum Blacha viduum et etmam Kazmoniowna....



The marriage of Petrum Blacha, single man, and Kazmoniowna? Is she a rich widow?

September 1761 (p. 74 # 1027)

Ibid arp suna ut Supp Bapti: est Inff Nne Michael rata rup pose Legitt LL Anthony et Marianne Cieslukowicsow Lev es: He LL Andreas Wisczyrykiet et Hedvige Furmaniucslice Omnes de villa Tarasowka.



And here we are to baptize the infant boy Michael who is apparently the legitimate son (heir?) or Anthony and Marianne Cieslukowicsow

Aprilis, 1761 (#919, p. 66)

Ibid ut Supp p. Adnd Rudu Dru comi loci bapti est Inff: Margaritto Mutorup pose legitti LL Simonis et Regina Furmaniukow Lev: eS: Laurentis Augustyriale et Eva Bonizyeha aps LL. Iacobo Curklinsho et Hedvige Furmaniuenzka ville Tarasowka.


#962, … Agnete Furmancia (sp?)


#1023, Sept. 1761, p.74

… Michael… pase legitt LL Franeirce et Helene Bzdo…. He LL Antonio Furmaniuk et Marianna Gaworska de Dtuzck


#1109, p 79, January 1762

Blasio, Blacha


#1338, p. 97, April (7?,) 1763

Hedviga Furmaniuka de Eadoni godparent to Adalberty de Laurenti et Hevd Bglion (?)


#1462, October 1763 p. 106

Hedvige Furmaniwzka godparent to Lucas Bruno de Mathiae et Marianne Harulakow


#1478, October 1763, p. 107

Hedvige Furmanowa, godparent ro Martina de Michaelis et Agathie Sikorskid


#1502, November 1763, p. 109

Simone Furmaniezuk et Hedvige Furmaniuzka de villa Tarasowka godparents to LL. Andreas de Iacopi et…. (very complicated record)


#1507, p. 110 – December 1763

Agathia Furmaniuczka = god parent?

Ended # 1739, p. 126 out of 300

Yr. 1825 –

p. 213

Gaspard (?) Furmaniuk


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